Health and Safety Inspections in the Workplace

Health and Safety Inspections in the Workplace

Health and Safety Inspections in the Workplace

Health and safety inspections in the workplace are vital in preventing injuries and illnesses. By thoroughly examining your work environment, our experts at Foothills Safety Solutions will identify any potential hazards and call for appropriate solutions. 

Joint Health and Safety Committees can assist in the planning, conducting, reporting, and monitoring of these inspections. Workplace inspections play an integral role in a successful health and safety program and when executed properly, workplace inspections are a powerful tool for continuous improvement of safety and preventing accidents in the workplace.

Though people know health and safety in the workplace is essential, as much as we’d all love to say the first thing we think about is safety when on the job, sometimes it’s not. By being proactive and regularly inspecting workplace elements to ensure hazards are identified and dealt with accordingly, you maintain the highest level of safety standards. 

benefits of regular workplace inspections

01. Employee Satisfaction

By conducting regular workplace inspections, employees will feel an increased sense of safety. Staff will feel their safety is a priority and brings value to the work floor. Employers and employees will learn a deeper understanding of the various responsibilities within their workplace and lead to a safer workplace for all.

02. Cost Savings

When assessing the condition of equipment, inspectors can point out when equipment requires repair, even if only a minor one. Otherwise, a piece of equipment might be in use for an extended timeframe before the damage is identified, which in the end results in higher costs for repair. Not even mentioning the potential risk a piece of damaged equipment can mean for the employees.

03. injury prevention

By preventing injuries, a company is doing the ethically correct thing of making sure workers go home to their families. On top of this, the company is working towards preventing related lawsuits, which in the end, saves money.

how often should health and safety inspections in the workplace be performed?

Whether formal or informal, workplace inspections are regular examinations of workplaces to recognize and evaluate existing and potential hazards and recommend corrective actions. The frequency of inspections can vary depending on the workplace, but carrying out a risk assessment is a great way to identify the frequency of checks. 

A risk assessment is a systematic method of looking at work activities, considering what could go wrong, and deciding on suitable control measures. If inspections are carried out monthly, but issues are rarely found, it could be the direct result of the ongoing inspections, but it may be possible to complete the checks every two or three months. However, if issues are found during every inspection, you should definitely do them more often. 

Remember, inspections seek to identify risks prior to incidents occurring and should not be delayed just because no incidents have occurred. 

With over 30 years of worldwide worksite inspection experience under out belts, we provide an inspection plan that will answer specific questions you need answered. We are known for our ability to perform an inspection with minimal downtime to our clients, and deliver detailed and professional reports.

If you have a workplace inspection requirement, we would be happy to assist in every aspect of the inspection.

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