competency assessments

competency assessments

we're not safety cops

We don’t swoop in to disrupt the work you’re doing.  We don’t come to “spy” on your crews, or write a report to head office that what you’re doing is wrong.

We integrate with your business, working seamlessly alongside to assist crews in:

Competency Assessments

Foothills Safety is in place to work within your operation. Our Safety Supervisors are skilled, trained professionals with decades of industry experience that will blend in with the onsite team.

We work with a focus on ensuring unsafe behaviours are recognized  and addressed before an incident occurs.

we go above and beyond the call of duty by seamlessly infusing with your crew

We are passionate about safety and ensuring the service we deliver is best-in-class. Our highly skilled professionals will respect  your workplace vibe – when Foothills is in the house, you know your employees will have safety front of mind. 

Safety Evaluations

everyone is entitled to a safe workplace

Our safety evaluations include opening and closing consultations with management, full facility walkthroughs, records reviews, and a detailed report of findings and recommendations. We provide all the information and resources you need to meet standard requirements. 

Safety Verification

worker competency

A competency assessment focuses on how well an employee is performing the required job skills in relation to specified performance standards. Through this assessment, we are able to identify existing competencies and skills gaps of your current and potential employees. 

Competency Assessments

Foothills Safety can work with your company to develop these common types of competency assessments: