on-site training

working with you to make everyone safe

Reduce downtime, save money, and maximize employee engagement with Foothills on-site safety training. Our professional team will come to your site and deliver training that is customized to your organization’s needs.

We offer:


our safety leaders are experts in:

We work with a focus on ensuring unsafe behaviours are recognized  and addressed before an incident occurs.

If you want to upgrade your job site ad keep your employees safe, get in touch with Foothills today. We would be happy to discuss all of our on-site safety management services with you.


REmote Training

Head over to our Courses page to view our most popular courses, as well as connect to our extensive training videos library for hundreds more.

Classroom Training

your location, your schedule

Our team of professionals can customize our existing safety training programs to suit your company’s needs. We are also able to develop new safety content to fill in the gaps in your desired safety training program.


Safety Support

One-on-one safety mentoring

Foothills safety offers a unique, pro-active mentoring partnership by seamlessly integrating into your organization. Our industry experience and safety knowledge are the foundation for thorough and thought-provoking learning. We will be there to offer safety support and high level on-the-job training for your employees.  

Mentorship fosters communication, teamwork, and a culture of safety which can reduce accident rates and increase employee engagement.