painless certification

From start to finish we act as your compliance officer, making the process painless and efficient. 

Our team has expert knowledge in each platform (COR, Secor, ISN, Complyworks) and understands what’s required for successful qualification. 

Once you’re qualified, we help you maintain your qualification by monitoring and managing your account.

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) is awarded to an employer that has demonstrated it has a good health and safety management system in place. The employer demonstrates this by passing an external audit. Auditing programs today need to provide information on the effectiveness of the management systems, opportunities for cost reductions and continuous improvement opportunities. This is relevant to all places of work, COR qualified or not.

highlighting the good stuff & suggesting ways to improve the not so good stuff

Our audits conclude with a written report acknowledging the positive elements and outlining areas for attention and recommended remedial actions.

HSE Registry Maintenance

maintaining compliance

Regulatory changes mean you have to set aside time to review your HSE policies, procedures and forms. You have to schedule hours to update those documents so they reflect the changes. Then you have to make your workforce aware of all of the modifications. 

It’s not a simple task and it can take up some of your most knowledgeable and valuable HSE resources. 

Our HSE advisers are experts in Regulatory Compliance, Safety Management Program development and auditing.