Safety Inspections

Worksite Inspections

cut costs & improve returns

Worksite inspections provide valuable information about safety and performance that can be used to cut costs and improve returns. 

With over 30 years of worldwide worksite inspection experience under our belts, we provide an inspection plan that will answer specific questions you need answered. We are known for our ability to perform an inspection with minimal downtime to our clients, and deliver detailed and professional reports.

Safety Inspections

innovative audits

our very own software system

We know how important inspections and audits are in maintaining a successful Safety Management System. Not only can we conduct the inspections, we have also developed a more efficient way to manage them.

Inspection/audit Services

our teams are best in class

We work collaboratively alongside our customers when performing assessments, not only adhering to industry standards, but our own world class standards as well.

Whether it’s a single point inspection or an ongoing inspection program, you can expect top quality results for your specific purpose.

our software

Foothills Safety has developed a unique software application to allow our clients to access their inspections, audits and any corrective actions that may be required, day or night. Our proprietary applications allow you to work from your own inspection sheet or utilize one of our many pre-built inspection checklists. Supervisors can view the reports on the web in our secure client area and manage any deficiencies with our software system.
safety inspections

Dropped Object Prevention

safety at heights

Dropped objects pose the number one risk of serious injuries, fatalities, and equipment damage in several industries around the world. Annually, over 26,000 dropped object incidents are reported in Canada. In the United States over 50,000 workers were injured and 81 died from contact with flying or falling objects or equipment in 2016.