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We provide training that will change the way workers view safety in the workplace. We offer hundreds of online safety certification and training courses through our online safety portal.

Dropped Object prevention

Online Training | 30 minutes

Dropped Object Prevention

In this video we’ll learn what a dropped object is and how and when they might occur. We’ll learn how to calculate the consequences of an object dropping from height and we’ll discuss the many controls and prevention measures we can put in place.
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Up your safety game with our robust software applications for learning management and compliance.

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Whether it’s a single point inspection or an ongoing inspection program, you can expect top quality results for your specific purpose.
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From start to finish we act as your compliance officer, making the process painless and efficient.
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Reduce downtime, save money, and maximize employee engagement with Foothills on-site safety training.
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Our Safety Supervisors are skilled, trained professionals with decades of industry experience that will blend in with the onsite team.
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