Access World Class Safety Training From The Comfort of Home

Access World Class Safety Training From The Comfort of Home

Access World-Class Safety Training From The Comfort of Home

In the workplace, safety should always be your number one priority. But how do you ensure the safest work environment possible? Well, it starts with proper safety training for your employees. Whether you work with construction workers, technicians, or engineers, the online safety courses from Foothills Safety can’t be beat. From accident breakdown procedures to aerial lifts in industrial and construction environments, and many more, you can access world class safety training from the comfort of home. Our trusted safety consultants offer online safety training that you can access on your phone or computer 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Benefits of Safety Training for your Business

Keeping up-to-date with the latest workplace safety training has numerous benefits, not just for your employees, but for you as well. The benefits of completing first aid and CPR courses are obvious. But, here are some additional key benefits safety training can have on your business. 

Safety Training reduces workplace injuries

It should come as no surprise that educating your employees on proper safety protocols greatly reduces the chance for workplace injuries to occur. Courses such as fall protection, ladder safety, and dropped object prevention all go a long way to prevent injury on the worksite. 

Safety training saves you money in the long run

Sure, safety courses have an up-front cost. But that cost is miniscule in comparison to what you would pay should someone be inured on the job. According to a 2018 study, workplace injuries accounted for $20.4 billion dollars in direct healthcare costs and $29.4 billion in total economic costs in Canada. On the flip side, most of Foothills Safety’s online training costs less than $100. Some courses are completely free as well.

Safety Training strengthens your company reputation

We know that workplace accidents are often directly tied to a lack of safety training. So, it’s safe to say that without adequate training you’re likely to experience more accidents on-site. This will give your company a poor reputation and could make recruiting new employees more difficult. By providing safety training you will lower the risk for injuries and thus increase your reputation. 

Why hire safety consultants for your business

Setting your employees up with online safety training courses is great, but there are further steps you can take to ensure everyone’s safety. Like employing a safety consultant, for example. You can choose to hire an external safety consultant or you can appoint an existing staff member to be the safety consultant for your business. You can think of a safety consultant as a safety expert whose purpose is to fully understand and keep up with proper workplace safety. 

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Advantages of online safety training

One of the main advantages of online safety training is convenience. At Foothills Safety, our easy-to-use online training portal is accessible any time of the day or night, all year round. That means employees can get the training they need at a time that fits their unique schedule. Online safety training also means you can pick and choose the courses that are relevant for you and your staff, particularly in the maintenance and construction industries. CPR/First aid, safe driving and transportation, dropped object prevention, and aerial lift safety are some of the most common Foothills Safety courses across Canada and the US. Opting for online safety courses ensures each of your employees is presented with the exact same information. And best of all, completing online training is the most cost-effective way to provide safety courses to your staff. 

Online Safety Training with Foothills Safety

So if you’re ready to make safety a priority at your maintenance or construction company, Foothills Safety is here to help. To learn more about the importance of safety in the workplace and to sign up for our online safety courses, visit the Foothills Safety website. Don’t wait for an accident to happen at work, sign up today and help prevent workplace accidents from occurring in the first place. 

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