10 Signs Your Company Has An Awesome Safety Culture

10 signs your company has an awesome safety culture

10 Signs Your Company Has An Awesome Safety Culture

An awesome safety culture at your company provides you and everyone you work with an environment where people feel empowered, confident, and highly valuable. One of the best side effects of working with/for a company with an awesome safety culture is that you lead by example when you bring that safety culture home with you. Passing safe work practices along to your co-workers, friends, and family in every task you do has countless positive ripple effects going forward in these peoples’ lives. 

At Foothills Safety Solutions we are passionate about people making it home safely to their families from the jobsite, as well as working safely at home in order to protect themselves from avoidable injury which could cost thousands of dollars in lost wages. Not to mention the mental and physical impact of being injured. 

If you are fortunate enough to work for a company with an awesome safety culture, take a moment to appreciate it because there are a lot of companies around the world that have a long way to go before they can pat themselves on the back. 

To find out if your work culture is awesome when it comes to safety, check out our list of 10 Signs Your Company Has An Awesome Safety Culture and see how many boxes you can check off. If you find anything you can add to your company that would be of value, even better!

10 signs your company has an awesome safety culture

10. Safety is considered an investment, not a cost

Companies that understand that valuing safety as an investment reap the rewards of having less costly outages, injuries, and deaths at the worksite. The cost is to the company is millions of dollars in lost hours, high insurance premiums, and reputation in the industry.

09. Employees are confident reporting safety issues

If you or your co-workers are confident reporting safety issues to supervisors, this is a huge win for your safety culture! People will go the extra mile to make the workplace better/safer if they feel appreciated for their expertise. When there’s a potential problem, praising employees for spotting something dangerous will lead to more employees looking out for one another, making the workplace a much safer environment for everyone.

08. Safety Comes First

Does safety come before production in your workplace? Is safety only considered when it’s convenient? Sometimes the urge to complete a task because of production times can be tempting. You’ll know you are part of an awesome safety culture when safety always comes first.

07. Safety commitment by all levels of the organization

Workplaces with great safety culture prove their commitment to safety through their actions and how they empower others throughout the organization to win with their safety initiatives. When your company’s leadership is committed to safety, the culture trickles down from the 30-year veterans to the junior entry level positions.

06. Empowered employees

Every employee is empowered with the necessary resources and authority to discover and remedy safety issues when they arise. Having clearly defined roles and responsibilities as well as safety processes should be understood by all employees at every level. In order to accomplish their role in the process, employees/managers will need resources as well as the authority to make the appropriate decisions.

05. Greater job satisfaction

Greater job satisfaction is attributed to the company’s commitment to its employees health and wellbeing. In today’s work climate, it’s rare to see people stay at one company their entire career. Employee retention should be a focal point for organizations around the world. An excellent way of retaining great people is to show them that they are valued. What better way than to provide a culture of safety, where their long term health and wellbeing is the #1 priority! This culture also spawns great mentors when it comes to safe work practices.

04. practical knowledge of health & safety procedures

When you work at a company that truly values safety, people will take the time to go above and beyond to keep the culture going strong. All employees throughout the company have invested in learning about health and safety topics and they know their roles and responsibilities. 

03. Clear definition for the desired culture

Creating an awesome safety culture in your organization takes time. Measurable goals must be made, tracked, reviewed, and implemented properly. Defining what your desired safety culture looks and feels like will be the key to making that vision a reality. 

02. Safety is a condition of employment

Employees or possible hires that don’t value safety in the workplace as the #1 priority can find employment where the work culture does not value safety. Can your work culture afford an employee who thinks they are above safety rules when lives are on the line? If your organization values safety above all else, safety must be a foundational value. 

01. Regular Safety Audits

Regular, detailed audits of a company’s health and safety program are conducted by an external auditor like Foothills Safety. Great safety leaders are confident enough to be audited by an external auditor. Foothills Safety is in place to work within your operation. Our Safety Supervisors are skilled, trained professionals with decades of industry experience that will blend in with the onsite team. We work with a focus on ensuring unsafe behaviors are recognized and addressed before an incident occurs. Having a fresh pair of highly trained eyes can help identify potential hazards before they happen.

Our health is often taken for granted, until it has been taken away from us either temporarily or permanently.

Our mental health helps us make better and safer decisions and our physical health helps to execute our daily tasks with less chance of injury or death. We provide training that will change the way your workers view safety in the workplace. We offer hundreds of online safety certification and training courses through our Online Safety Portal

If you are interested in raising the bar when it comes to your workplace’s safety culture, contact us today – safety is our specialty!

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